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Toy Melodeon / Mini (toy) Accordion

I got this toy Melodeon for €18,- at a local shop. It is pretty decent.

What sold me was that even the abused demo model produced correct notes. I decided to buy one and see what music it can pull, for fun. Found out its called a melodeon and here you will find the cheatsheet i made for some friends + some tunes to play. Have fun here and give me hugs if you succeed.

The Cheatsheet.


Download PDF20090203-Cheatsheet-Melodeon.pdf


Outstanding performances, mostly from youtube;

Tunes to play

Listing of (sheet) music pieces for the Melodeon, latest additions above.

The notation is quite easy distributed so you may collaborate after experimenting with songs. This page might help you get more from your toy instrument. If you send me a piece of music i will put it here for the world to see!

Please send in yours! Contact me at barrystaes@gmail.com.

Klap eens in je handjes (for Dutch kids) by Barry Staes
Turkey in the Straw by Barry Staes
Tetris Theme A (gameboy) by Silvia Knoben
Rivers Of Babylon by Silvia Knoben
Dixie (carhorn from General Lee's) by Barry Staes
Original carhorn:
>< 65 4-4- 4 5 6665
<>          5 6   

An octave lower: (notice lower tones require more air)
>< 32 1-1- 1 2 3332
<>          1 2
Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Barry Staes

Please send in yours!


Used as a changelog really: